5 Items Making Over $500 With Retail Arbitrage | Amazon FBA Sourcing Tips for Slow Months

5 Items Making Over $500 With Retail Arbitrage | Amazon FBA Sourcing Tips for Slow Months

Today I am sharing the items I sourced through retail arbitrage for my Amazon FBA business in the slow months. These items made me great profit when things got slow and some are still out there for you to find!

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14 Thoughts to “5 Items Making Over $500 With Retail Arbitrage | Amazon FBA Sourcing Tips for Slow Months”

  1. Join my bolo group or grab the ungating guides at nikkirk7.com/amazon

  2. How do I join your FB group?

  3. This video was so helpful! Why do you have the cost of sending the item set to $0 in your calculator? Don't you need to factor that in?

  4. What is the scanning tool you're speaking of, to scan items in store?

  5. Enjoy your video always. How could I get your excel sheet that shows the unit price, profit etc.

  6. Thanks nikki.. new subscriber here. Canada

  7. I’m also looking to get into retail arbitrage! How did you end up starting?

  8. Tinactin has 1.8 milion! rank No data on keepa How you can sell that? I can't believe you, sorry

  9. Hi, I see the ranks of some products are very bad. Why do you sell on that ranks? Grab n go is 190k at 7 x month. You dont mind the rank?

  10. Cool info. Maybe one day I'll try this. 👍

  11. I'm disabled and also take care of a disabled family member as well so I haven't started doing Amazon yet. At some point, if I do I'd like to join your BOLO group but worry that since we can't get out as much I wouldn't always be able to contribute to the list of finds. What are your requirements for that?

  12. Wow $12 for chapstick. I wonder if that’s my sons generation

  13. I thought retail places have like reseller policies or something

  14. Thanks for the video. Every little bit of info is helpful!

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