5 Dollar Store Retail Arbitrage eBay Tips You’re NOT Being Told

5 Dollar Store Retail Arbitrage eBay Tips You’re NOT Being Told

If you’re looking for a how-to guide to Dollar Store Retail Arbitrage, this is it. I have sourced at Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree, all with success, somethings making upwards of $100/hr.

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21 Thoughts to “5 Dollar Store Retail Arbitrage eBay Tips You’re NOT Being Told”

  1. Thank you for making these awesome videos.

  2. One of the best most informative YouTubers I’ve found

  3. When you post on ebay do you set your sale price or do you use Ebay's start bid price?

  4. Do you have to have an eBay store to get their app?

  5. I just started selling some Halloween seasonal items on my eBay store but I seem to struggle getting views and sales. Right now I have 0 sales. Got any tips?

  6. Just take one step. Your first goal is to Buy that ONE thing and Sell that ONE thing.

  7. HG

    Im interested in those dollar store arbitrage profits but $1 a book to $5 profit is too hard to pass up

  8. This guy has the best mic on youtube. You can do voice over work with that mic. 👍

  9. I’ve been at dollar tree almost everyday this week. I have that paralysis analysis thing you were talking about…. but I should go ahead and start. Thanks for existing – and I’m sure you’ve heard a million times by now that you’re Seth Rogan-esq. thanks for existing!

  10. A very good video with some great tips thank you.👍👍👍

  11. do you have videos on how to find wholesalers

  12. thank you for addressing paralysis analysis, the struggle is real ( lol ) seriously…God Bless you …

  13. I love the tip about looking for enough profit to cover what you’d be buying anyway. That’s always a goal of mine!

  14. Real brilliant now everyone can do it.

  15. I Love this Guy!! No Bullsh*t sing away Walter!! Could you explain to your viewers about tanking prices on Ebay/Amazon.

  16. j c

    the tip i need is how to get off my lazy azz and post post post that is BY FAR the hardest part for me🤣🧐🤣

  17. I validated ‘the process’. Bought 6 Dawn dish soaps from DollarTree, sent to Amazon. Sold all 6 within a month. The profit was not earth shattering, but it is profit and I can do it again and level up my Amazon sales and get ungated in other brands. Stuff’s real.

  18. You just helped me so much! I am in Holland and I always bring spices back home for me. Duhhhhh I can bundle and make a nice profit and not give up a ton of room in my suitcase! You absolutely positively ROCK!

  19. Thank You for all of the information.

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