$43,286 in sales!! What sold on Ebay, Shopify, & Wholesale. April 2020

$43,286 in sales!!  What sold on Ebay, Shopify, & Wholesale. April 2020

$43,286 in sales!! Ebay, Shopify, & Wholesale. April 2020

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11 Thoughts to “$43,286 in sales!! What sold on Ebay, Shopify, & Wholesale. April 2020”

  1. Who's interested in buying or selling wholesale and learning new ways to make money? Who's already doing it maybe with Shopify or another platform?

  2. Casey, looking at you, I think you have LUPUS! On your face you have "butterfly shape" that's one of the sings of Lupus. I have Lupus too. So if I may suggest check your bloodwork etc with your doctor. Sorry it's a bit out of context but the rush on your face is concerning. Lupus should not be ignored. I was diagnosed with it several years ago.

  3. What are your thoughts on dropshipping?

  4. So doesn't say a single thing that sold, just a glossing over of the numbers.. Misleading headline much.

  5. What is the link for a Paypal limit upgrade? It's nowhere to be found on their site and there are countless forums on the web complaining about the same thing. I tried their customer support three times, twice they told me two places that didn't exist at least on my account and the third time they said to call them which I don't know if you can right now.

  6. Iโ€™m having a record April too ! Did 3k on Sunday. The month isnโ€™t over yet.

  7. Lots of good info here and I'm sure in the upcoming wholesale video. One thing I think anyone going into that side of this business MUST have is the ability to handle the volume required to be successful. If someone is not set up for the volume, they will lose their ass and sanity in a hurry. I broke $100,000 for the first time this month on the 20th. I'll break $150,000 for sure. With a 62% profit. To be successful the real goal is to sustain that, not just have a good month. My biggest lesson when I began to scale was making sure that EVERYTHING benefited from the SAME attention to detail. Whether it's a $5 sale or a $500 sale, the goal should always be gaining a customer for life. And the only way to do that is consistently providing a great service. And to anyone who says "I couldn't ever do those numbers", I say this, I was homeless drug addict 6 years ago. Now I employ 19 people and not a dime of debt.

  8. Very nice. This something I definitely want to get into and learn more about. Can't wait for tomorrows video.

  9. Impressive numbers.
    Casey, could you report on the ebay scam they call GSP or what it has become? I think american sellers saw a huge drop of european buyers in recent times because of this. I live in the EU and love vintage american measurement instruments that I refurbish and collect. But now suddenly I can't get stuff shipped to germany under 60$. Ebay now makes dubious fees (like "import duties" that are completely made up etc.) for stuff I hadn't pay before GSP or in other american online shops beside ebay, plus the law hasn't changed in America nor in Europe to my knowledge. Also because ebay can now make money with this, they don't allow combined shipping anymore (which makes it an absolute obvious scam imho) so you have to pay more for every single item, so it's not even feasible to buy bulk. Sad that ebay feels that it needs to milk it's users some more. Sellers lose money, I can't spend money; nobody wins. Ebay too in the long run. If they don't fix this the platform is no longer viable for me :/
    I will still follow your adventures in that domain though :).

  10. Just heard you on Jennie Girls closet podcast and there is things you said there I didn't know about you and I been here since 2018

  11. Way to go Rockstarflipper. Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ–ฅ๐Ÿ‘

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