4 Practical Retail Arbitrage Strategies for Amazon FBA Gurus Won't Tell You

4 Practical Retail Arbitrage Strategies for Amazon FBA Gurus Won't Tell You

A lot of the Gurus out there are telling you that by paying them $600, you can get all their secrets. I don’t deal in secrets, just strategies, and I share them with you for free.

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27 Thoughts to “4 Practical Retail Arbitrage Strategies for Amazon FBA Gurus Won't Tell You”

  1. thank you for the free advice! your channel is awesome!

  2. Just sent a request to join the FB group cant waitnto get in

  3. I got a quick question you open sparred me so much thanks to your advice over the past two months of watching your fantastic videos I have found something I think is a niche in the market however it's not what you're doing it's an unorthodox way of doing things could I get your email and I can present my idea to you and possible you could advertise for me at the end of videos I'll explain the benefits for both of us if you would give me the benefit of your advice of the idea

  4. Q4 is the BIGGEST return time….so don't spend your hard earned $

  5. HG

    High ROI is the key to getting started in business. I hear wholesalers say 10% a month is amazing. If you have 1,000,000 to reinvest yeah its amazing but getting started with $100 then 10% is nothing

  6. That last line was Perfect. πŸ’ͺ🏽

  7. I like how you dont cuss in your videos. The only other youtube seller I watch primarily is Reezy…I tried to watch his podcasts but all the cussing has been a turn off for me and I stopped watching them. His arbitrage videos are good…but I don't watch his other stuff.

  8. Love the video πŸ™‚ double thumbs up

  9. I hear activity in the comment is beneficial for he video.

  10. Thanks Blake! You’re the best! Looking forward to a live stream soon.

  11. I don’t sell courses….. BUT I do sell Playability … πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  12. Thank you for another great video!

  13. Great video! Would you consider doing a video of the admin aspects of Seller Central. Like when you should delete inventory or other settings we should watch out for.

  14. "That right there is Oxana…" Is my favorite crappy Amazon guru ad.

  15. "Make some money and don't be a shithead!" Sounds like a merch idea.

  16. How dare you call my guru, Walter blake, a coward. You freaking coward.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

  17. You're awesome dude thanks for being you!!

  18. Walter, have you ever looked into Payability's working capital loans? I have used Paypal for this in the past, but once all sellers on ebay have to start using managed payments, that won't be an option. So, I saw that Payability offers this. Just curious what your thought was. Thanks man!

  19. Tip #6: When looking for the next "it" Christmas toys, start taping Saturday morning cartoons about a month before the kids go back to school. Then, when you get a chance to watch them just fast forward through the actual cartoon and pay close attention to the toy commercials. Pretty soon the kids will be talking about what they have to have for Xmas but will be impossible to find and start sourcing those toys. Even if you don't get out until Black Friday for that one illusive toy that only a few will find, you still have a pretty decent inventory that's already been sent to Amazon. Anything purchased after that is just gravy.

  20. How do you find out items that are Amazon sell outs

  21. Was wondering where you were? Was at Dollar tree today and got some books and other stuff, but still running into obstacles listing online, Only 2 items I was able to list on Amazon as it won't let me create new listings. The other thing with eBay so I can list more is to pay for a store I think.

  22. A very good video thank you for passing on the information.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  23. Good point about the discontinued products, I currently am the ONLY seller on Amazon and eBay for a specific discontinued gun oil from Hoppe's that's still wildly possible (I've used it and it's crazy good so idk why they stopped making it). I was doing FBA at $25 and now I'm doing MF at $22-ish…I bought out two liquidation stores stock of them for like 70-100 units at $5/unit and I'm selling like 4/day currently on Amazon alone
    I'm debating on branching out to other selling marketplaces but idk what I could use for it

  24. YOUR FABULOUS…yeah I m so tired of those ads on here about the "guru"…thank God for you and may it make it rain money on you…YOU COULD WRITE THE BOOK TO END ALL BOOKS!

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