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3 Signs Your Etsy Shop Will Work on Amazon Handmade

3 Signs Your Etsy Shop Will Work on Amazon Handmade

Have you considered selling on Amazon? Maybe the thought has crossed your mind, but you’ve been putting it off. Well today, Dalia Abdalla shares three signs that your Etsy shop will work on Amazon Handmade!

There’s a lot of buzz in the Etsy space about Etsy vs Amazon Handmade. And even if you’re not going from Etsy to Amazon and are just thinking about ecommerce in general, many folks wonder about where they should sell. Should I go to Etsy? Should I go to Amazon? Both? How do I know if I’m even ready to tackle this whole thing?

0:00 Intro
0:54 Amazon Handmade Rumors
2:01 #1. You Want to Increase Revenue
2:28 #2. If You Have Demand for Your Product
5:05 #3. If Your Business Supports You
6:48 What’s Possible With Amazon Handmade
8:42 How to Jump Start Your Business on Amazon

Dalia Abdalla is our friend and affiliate partner from The Handmade Mastermind and creator of the Mastering Amazon course which we’ve talked about in a previous Jam. We’re so happy to have Dalia back again and appreciate that she has been a regular on our Jams this year!

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