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10 thoughts on “3 Business Plans for eBay Dropshipping in 2019

  1. Be careful. I mistakenly signed up for a ZIK and paid $ 1, and a week later they took away $ 300. The mousetrap slammed shut. Yes, you are right, this is my mistake. After that, I CANCELED THE SUBSCRIPTION AND NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE. It is surprising that ZIK refused to return the money. Yes, it’s my fault – I have already had automatic PayPal payments turned on for a long time, and I do not read e-mail carefully, I hardly understand English at all without Google Translate. It is clear that an error has occurred. But what prevented ZIK from returning at least $ 250? Very unpleasant!

  2. W

    How do I join the facebook group?

  3. Brilliant! Great teacher, gold nuggets and a great zik tool. Thanks

  4. how are people creating all the multiple ebay accounts and thus having to have a new paypal account for each one ? cant all be using stealth accounts can they

  5. Excellente ta vidéo !
    PS : Si toi aussi tu t'intéresses à la création d'entreprise, à la liberté financière ou au business en général, jette un oeil à ma chaîne, je vais y mettre tout ce que je sais, ainsi que mes résultats très prochainement 🙂

  6. if you're going to start using aliexpress like sites would doing the product research like for amazon, walmart etc be applied to aliexpress as well or is that a different process?

  7. What is this creativity, Mr Nahar ? You are truly a creative person. Thank you for all your great efforts

  8. #1 Dropshipping Blueprint video, especially in these hard times! Thanks Nahar and the Zik team!!! 👍👍🏾👍🏻

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