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28 Minutes to Silence Your Negative Thoughts Forever

28 Minutes to Silence Your Negative Thoughts Forever

This is an all-time clip, all time, the reaction from everyone watching #TeaWithGaryVee this morning was stunning and amazing. I don’t know if there is a more powerful clip that I’ve ever put out and I hope you can sit down and really let this soak in. Please understand that your negative outlook on life is coming from a place of fear that was instilled in you. For everybody that is “scared” and “fear-based”, don’t see it as a negative reflection of yourself. Your not bad, you are just hurt and need to understand that those are other people’s thought being out in your head.

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42 thoughts on “28 Minutes to Silence Your Negative Thoughts Forever

  1. i've been listening to this every morning. This episode really hit home with me. I've struggled with this my whole life…working on fixing my injury! Thanks Alexis for being so open. Gary you are the man!

  2. So much real right here. My dad resented me and my mom told me it was because i was like him, i’ve never heard someone else say that.

  3. Thank you so much I needed this ..it is the most important conversation I should listen thank you one more time

  4. This hit a spot in me that I'm scared of and fear that if I forgive old friends for all the silly mistakes they have done and I have done too would make me weak. Thank you so much for this powerful message.

  5. This definitely helped me out

  6. Alexis, SUPERALEXIS. You will win.

  7. Feel healed, no doubt. 🙏🏽

  8. Wow!!!!!! Dustin do it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow grudges are the weaknesses of a strong man! Gary this s huge! You are so on point! Gary you are young at 44😊Alexis value your wife if she did not see your potential she would of left you long ago!not for nothing but you need some of my therapy videos on top of Gary vees. Alexis you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around or watch! Hanging around Gary will lift you up! Alexis change your thoughts and you will change your life!!!!!

  10. This convo was DEEP!! i LOVE GAVY V!! I appreciate this.

  11. GaryVee you are the dude! You are reshaping everything about me!

  12. Absolutely A+. Found this a few days ago on Gary's spotify and have already listened to that about five times. It's even better to watch on video.

  13. I’m 21 and I legit feel like I need one of these video calls in my life

  14. When will you post the latest video. I miss your video.

  15. Gary you are awesome person !! 🙏👍👍👍👍

  16. I have almost too much love for this.
    I have a feeling my life may have just been changed. ❤️✌️

  17. Gary V is very inspirational. I have watched all his videos that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. My montage aren’t that good but I would love for your feedback and your support

  18. This is pure gold!!! Men need to hear this – it’s more than ok (and super attractive btw) 💕 and necessary to be vulnerable, to look within, to trust themselves, to have empathy, to forgive themselves and others, to feel all the feels – this reframe and retraining of our men will help our society transform and rise up to a better place. Thank you 🙏

  19. GaryVee is the man I always see his tiktok interviews and his IG vids his inspired me to start my own channel and I would like it if yall would check me out and give me Feedback on what I'm doing wrong and what I must continue doing

  20. I've been watching your videos for like some months now, I got my first job at Amazon.

  21. Thank you for being so vulnerable man! Powerful! And thank you Gary vee!😊💚💪👊

  22. Hey Gary I’ve been watching you for a while through various accounts and I was wondering what to do if you’re too young to move out (I’m 14) and have nothing positive around you, and you’re trying to make your business happen, what do I do?

  23. Great advice. I just shared this with my niece and nephew cuz they are the same age.

  24. Man, we're all injured but you know when you feel your injury is crippling?
    I don't want to live injured anymore.

  25. I have an amazing idea id lobe to get a team behind its dealing with the video game industry and franchises if that speaks to anyone plz hit me up

  26. Greatest nuggets right there:
    "Don't underestimate your own achievements"
    "You are not negative, you are afraid"
    that was such a great Video, that was AMAZING AF

  27. "Não é negatividade, é vulnerabilidade". Forte perspectiva.

  28. I can totally relate with this guy. Especially at 5:13.

  29. i know what to do, but i not doing, what's the reason behind my not doing anything?

  30. i loved this…..the youth need to know they are loved and important and amazing….my boy your changing the world

  31. This whole conversation I was like man I can’t relate but when he said go through your phone A to Z I was like damn there is people I cut off oh shit!! I didn’t even realize I was doing it Great video shit gave me goosebumps

  32. been following gary for a minute love my main man but this video touched my heart….you got this kid!!!!

  33. I have seen so much growth in myself since I've really started to listen to what Gary says. It's all in the mind. Get that right and you change everything around you. Love you Gary. Thanks for all you post.

  34. Neutral thinking has been a game changer. Look up Trevor Moawad. I would love to see Gary and Trevor sit and chat. Ty GV team for this fire 🔥

  35. "NEVER EVER THINK YOU'RE BAD OR NEGATIVE, YOU'RE JUST GOOD WITH AN INJURY !!" This will stick forever man. When it's so real and filterless, TEARS roll down no matter what! I legit cried Gary and this is prolly one of the epic moments I've witnessed so early too, being 21 and realising this is game-changing. Thank You to the deepest G <3

  36. Thank you for this video! I feel this

  37. Dang this is me and I’ve been listening to u for a few years. This is crazy i’m learning this in my 30s. If I would’ve learned this in my 20s holy sh!t. Damn Gary, this is on a whole other level!!! Kids with my DNA have had to work harder with me.

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