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2021 Facebook Ads – $0-$2K/Day Strategy Exposed [Case Study]

2021 Facebook Ads – $0-$2K/Day Strategy Exposed [Case Study]

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[Case Study] 2021 Facebook Ads – $0-$2K/Day Full Strategy Reveal. Stay tuned throughout this entire ad-free video for golden nuggets on Facebook ads for your e-commerce business 😉

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33 thoughts on “2021 Facebook Ads – $0-$2K/Day Strategy Exposed [Case Study]

  1. Great Tutorial Tanner ! Keep Sharing Awesome Stuff.

  2. what is your youtube channal Audience geography.

  3. goh

    Are you affiliate marketing here or selling these products through your website

  4. Until Facebook bans your account after 250k ad spend. For no reason.

  5. Hey, your 5 classes training video login page has an issue.. the login option is hidden and cannot be accessed.

  6. Just love your content! Keep up the great work and thank you. One useful tip I found recently: If you want to improve your FB ad campaign try using LeadEnforce for targeting Facebook pages and groups. All you need to do is to insert the links of pages and share the created audience with your Ad account within 2 clicks. The advantage is that the audiences are more specific and you can also target competitors' audiences. I've been using it for a quite a while now

  7. Quick question. If you look at your ads in a 3-4 day window. After checking the ads you wait again 3-4 days? Because checking daily makes no sense or how is your approach pn that

  8. The video is useful, could you help my Shopify and facebook? I will pay it

  9. Have you heard of SafeMoon and what do you think of it if so? It's a cryptocurrency for anyone that's wondering.

  10. Hi Tanner,
    When you make an cbo of a working interest and duplicate it like 3 times. If 2 of the 3 adsets are profitable, do you make changes in the cbo or let is just run cause its profitable?

  11. impsoible to get this numbers. This is not normal numbers..

  12. Hey, very great content! My question: Are your recommendations just for stores which sales in the U.S. or can we also use your tactics to sale also in other countries for example european countries? 🙂

  13. No doubt, the video is incredible and also. Every time I watch your video I just stuck with the content of the video. How easily you describe each and every aspect of the topic of the video.

  14. S S

    Should I make a Facebook page? Do I have to in order to do this? I heard of people getting accounts suspended from doing fb ads etc .

  15. Can you make a video on selecting winning products?

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  17. There's an ad on the end ya lying fk

  18. So as soon as last 3 days show unprofitable we should kill?

  19. Guy: I don’t need money I won’t even put ads on this video

    ad plays on video


  20. Hey man, you’re experienced to know the importance of CRO. That’s what my agency does. Would be cool to be part of an interview discussing how CRO and Facebook Ads for eCom goes so well together.

  21. You have different campaigns with the same audience. What about overlapping those audience? That looks like a problem.


  23. hey for the interests I've been doing 1 interest plus shopping/engaged shoppers… do you think that's a good idea?

  24. You look like the brother of the brataley family channel

  25. Alex fedotov is better than this guy lmao

  26. 🔥🔥🔥 as content my boy…question first ad no data …do I just run one ad set broad targeting with no interest..then run the data once I have it creating multiple ad sets based off data…cause I created 3 adset then I thought to myself why if I have no data to run 3 ..they would all be the same ..or would I switch up the interest on each …thanks for the value cause I don’t have money to spend on a course..but if I can learn the basics to profit I would definitely be buying your Course to take it to the next level..this shit is empowering self made self paid

  27. How much budget should I use per target account?

  28. Hello, hope you see and respond to my comment. I have a big question. Do I need to run a "reach" or "traffic" goal to crawl pixels before running a "conversion" goal? thank you!

  29. It's ABO campaign right? Why ABO? Why not CBO? Just asking

  30. How the crap do you get such a low CPC??
    Or better put… what am I doing wrong?

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