2019 Digital Marketing and Running Facebook Ads with Jason Pantana | Podcast EP. 7

2019 Digital Marketing and Running Facebook Ads with Jason Pantana | Podcast EP. 7

Our resident marketing guru and host of Marketing Edge Jason Pantana joins me to share tech and marketing hacks to help improve your efficiency, attract more business and simplify your life and business.

On this first installment with Jason, we focus primarily on Facebook ads and four different videos you absolutely should create.

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23 Thoughts to “2019 Digital Marketing and Running Facebook Ads with Jason Pantana | Podcast EP. 7”

  1. "Don't edit the placements ever" Having ran thousands of ads for agents all over the country I can say this kind of absolute advice is just bad advice.

  2. Nice intro Russell Brunson. 😉

    The top agents don't screw around with crap like this. It's about cold calling. That's it. Dinking around on Facebook creating ads is NOT a money making activity. Ever.
    This is why Tom Ferry is a joke. He gets you distracted with nonsense like this.

    The great myth is that digital marketing has overtaken cold calling.

  4. Hacks – irritating other than that Thank you for this interview.

  5. Bro, ppl look for value. 15 min was biography

  6. Does he have a book – Jason?

  7. This is the best video I've seen so far and that's huge, TF. GOLD

  8. the more I listen the more I like.

  9. Is it better to embed video on YouTube and then share to Facebook? Or upload to both separate?

  10. This new digital software is way more simpler and affordable —> bit.ly/DigitalMarketingSoftware

  11. Excellent advice, thank you.

  12. Great informative content! Marketing Edge was awesome too. Quick question – is the assumption that we, as real estate agents, would be managing this approach to digital marketing? I'm not really versed in all the stuff Jason discussed and it can be a little intimidating. I definitely want to take advantage of FB and Instagram marketing, but need help!

  13. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  14. Have a little more fluff bro. Took you 15 minutes to say anything of any kind of basic value

  15. Very good Tom! Jason is bananas at what he does. Looking forward to https://pages.tomferry.com/marketingedge/

  16. We LOVE Jason!! He is so knowledgable and a great teacher. We love you too #tomferry

  17. Fantastic video Tom. You do a great job. I’ll check out your marketing 2 day. Sounds like it’d be worthwhile.

  18. Great podcast…..going to use this on my next listing!

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