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$2000 Profit in One Week Selling On Amazon with Retail Arbitrage

$2000 Profit in One Week Selling On Amazon with Retail Arbitrage

Come sourcing with me! This week I am taking you along with me on my weekly sourcing trip in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been selling on Amazon earning my income from an RV doing retail arbitrage since 2017.

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21 thoughts on “$2000 Profit in One Week Selling On Amazon with Retail Arbitrage

  1. Nikki 12-hour RA Rock Star!😎 Extremely helpful that you showed products along w/ their #s. As always, my deepest gratitude💖

    For anyone wondering if you should buy Nikki's Ungating Guides… most definitely! We bought the bundle of both guides. I've seen other guides cost twice as much but only covering one category. Nikki's guides are packed w/ all the info you'll need and very reasonably priced. Plus she has private FB groups for each guide w/ nice helpful members… and Nikki always helps too! And if you're wondering, Nikki did not ask me to post this. I've been meaning to give her a shout-out because it's evident that she put a lot of hard work into creating her ungating guides. Thank you again Nikki for all your hard work!👍💕

  2. So once u buy the item you just ship it off the Amazon or you have to wait till it sells then you send it to the person who bought it?

  3. How do you tax all of this profit at the beginning of each year ?

  4. I believe your profit should be a lot less since you're not factoring in shipping cost.

  5. Hello. I'm new here to find selling online business like fidget toy or even t shirts
    I'm trying to start online business

  6. So when you buy the items so you ship it to the customer or Amazon ?

  7. m living in canada can i join bologroup

  8. Big of a personal question xD, but why did you go about living in a camper RV if you are making so much with amazon entrepreneurship?

  9. Hey nikki its a great video

  10. Max

    Do you need a Shopify website to do this

  11. I'm trying to source in Nebraska, and would love for you travel here just to see if it's even possible.

  12. I can’t get I trouble for selling someone’s else product?

  13. I went to the site that was noted for the ungating but it is not secured? Just don't feel comfortable going on to it.

  14. B F

    Resellers are the scum of the Earth. Y'all don't even actually provide anything or add anything of value.

  15. Thx for helpful vid. What ship carrier/service you use to ship your orders?

  16. Love this video so helpful! Thank you so much!!

  17. Wait so if it says fulfilled with amazon does that mean you sell it to amazon? Or I still have to wait for someone to buy it?

  18. how do you know what the shipping to amazon fee is? it is 0 in all of your screenshots

  19. E K

    I’m in the process of getting approved for Amazon and have a few concerns/questions that I couldn’t find info anywhere. This video was extremely informative and helpful.

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