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17 Thoughts to “$200 in profits in One Day Retail Arbitrage”

  1. Potential profit my guy. It ain’t profit till it’s sold lol But still a good day

  2. Im really interested in it starting is it worth it

  3. It does not let you into any training?

  4. I was literally about to buy a course so I can scale to the next level. I’m about to buy Jungle Scout and all that. Weekly shipments must go to FBA all year. If you want to charge me $100 for access, send the info. I’m ready now!

  5. Q4… ‘tis the season!

  6. Sharing the love and sharing the money! You're a blessing. Sign me up.

  7. Praying I get access to the course!! Speaking it into existence 🥳 keep up the vids !

  8. Let me know about the course. Awesome stuff dude.

  9. praying that I get chosen for that course.. FINGERS CROSSED! Manifesting it into existence !!!!!

  10. Yo Lavar what software do you use?

  11. Thanks for the motivation! I've Financially been struggling and selling a few goods, but I got deterred and I lose interest due to lifes stress.

  12. Wow so cool. Thank you so much!

  13. Oh noooo Lavar!! Hang in there ok and blessings to you and your uncle. Thank you for uploading!! Keep being strong! I bought courses too last year….gotta keep growing!! 💪🏽💵🙏🏽

  14. I want access to the course family I can swap u the Billy gene courses igot like like 10 of his courses it was a bundle deal. I also got alex Becker courses…. if you know who they are so its marketing stuff

  15. Love the content! Sign me up for that course for sure!

  16. Punch me in that coarse if you can , keep crushing it

  17. Hustle till you can stop and then hustle some more, love the vids bro

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