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8 Thoughts to “$1500 Under Armor Investment | Retail Arbitrage Vlog”

  1. Great video bro! That’s a legit pull up at Under Armour! I’ve been able to get about $1250 worth of stuff when I go now .

  2. Nicely done on this vlog bud!! Man I didn’t expect this kind of flips from under armor. But I understand it makes sense. Especially if you can get them at 50% off. I used to work at academy sports and outdoors. And they put their clearance items every first Tuesday of the month. 👍🏽. I may needa step into one and try this. Nice collab you guys. Keep it going!!! 🙌🏽

  3. love these videos please do more

  4. Our store put a limit on Bulk buying as well. Any input on how to work around this?

  5. We picked up 7 pair of Currys and 7 back packs at our Under Armour

  6. Killer video man love to see it!

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