$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

So you have a Shopify product or anotherservice and you know it will sell, but are struggling to find audiences that will respond well to your ad and ultimately end up making purchases. Sound familiar? In this video, I am going to walk you through my extremely easy Facebook Ads and Shopify funnel that’s generating my business over $170,000 per month.

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I have spent a lot of time with E commerce and make videos once a week sharing information that might be found in extremely high-end and expensive courses. I cover everything from beginner topics to advanced details for people from all levels of experience. If you have a question or comment, be sure to let me know in the comment section.

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27 Thoughts to “$132k Marketing Funnel Shopify and Facebook Ads [Tutorial]”

  1. Could you give some examples of the different types of marketing you do at each of those stages? Great vid – thanks.

  2. I feel u on hiring guru's that weren't legit.. i spent 2800 on a guru's ad agency, who "ran" everything for me, and only made 600 lmao.

  3. i am not sure how you target cold audience? purchase conversion with cold audience or you do it with other objectives?

  4. Dylan, in one of the previous videos, you talked about the strategy using the goal of engagement with a budget for the entire term of the action of $ 50, and how many days does this advertisement go round?

  5. is this for an ecom product? physical?

  6. love your videos brother you provide so much value! keep them coming!

  7. Dylan the most honest E com Master on Youtube, I watch thousands of E-com videos and Shopify beside fake gurus courses but nothing has value like Dylan content. Thanks, Dylan for keeping us learning and engaging.

  8. Hey Dylan, I have 1 product store, Its seems that i have many competition in the market, on the first month i had 11k sales, but now its looking like no one is intrested in the product any more, and so hard to scale.. What do you think should i give up or try new methods? i am trying only pushing more interests and LLAs

  9. What i learned from this video ? nothing…

  10. I only listen to “gurus” who refresh them stats!! Good shit 🔥

  11. here from tiktok.thanks love your vids

  12. Bro how exactly launch and test ? Will you make video

  13. let me know when your mentorship hits a discount! 😉

  14. hey Dylan, 1-) in ur cold campaign do you exclude website visitors ??
    2) and cold campaign cbo do u use minimum ad spend ??

  15. Great video, thanks Dylan, always delivering value!!

  16. Thanks Dylan… Your videos help me connect the dots that – other so-called guru's do it behind their screens.

  17. This is great info, though what's the cold cbo laa 10%? Who would that be?

  18. Thanks a lot for all your efforts. The problem in my case is that I know everything I need to start but I can't because I have 0 budget can you give me an advice for how I can start.

  19. Nice video keep it up NzZq

  20. Hey everyone, I apologize for the slight audio clipping! I didn't realize my mic input was incorrectly set until post-recording.

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