$130K Facebook Ads CBO Strategy in 2020 | 3 Lessons to Learn

$130K Facebook Ads CBO Strategy in 2020 | 3 Lessons to Learn

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Hey hey! Some good CBO strategies today!
Particularly my own $130K/3mo strategy for 4.4 ROAS!

So, what I’m going to cover today is:
– Walkthrough guide how I got such a result
– Exact, winning campaign structure
– 3 main lessons for a good campaign
– Should you give FB more freedom when testing?

This one will teach you how to LOVE CBO campaigns, for sure 😍
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11 Thoughts to “$130K Facebook Ads CBO Strategy in 2020 | 3 Lessons to Learn”

  1. how do i increase my daily ad spend budget? it will only let me use $50 a day across all campaigns.

  2. This guy is the real deal ! Keep killing it, Alex 🙂

  3. Hi Alex, Thanks for the video!
    So basically you always start from the same campaign right? If you try new Ads out, do you put the others inactive? I am working with very small budgets and I noticed when I create a new Ad the algorithm keeps pushing the budget to the old one (that already has some purchases – which is great and makes sense but the frequency on that one is quite high) Any thoughts on that?

  4. Do you add multiple Lookalikes in one adset?

  5. Please help. When i try to publish the ad it says "invalid parameter". I have no idea what they want me to change. iv'e tried literally everything.

  6. does breakeven roas usually sit from most dropship site around 1.7?

  7. 💯 Been using same structure for our few CBOs (3-4 LLAs / BROAD adsets) since beginnig of this year and it works awesome.
    And what is your experience with using BC or CC for such campaigns? Have seen some CBO case study few days ago at Stacked Marketer where they've got much better results with CC than BC or LC. But they wasnt mixing LLAs with interests or Broad.

  8. Hi Alex, great video ! You advocate to test many creatives but don't you think a winner will sell regarderless the variation of creatives ? I understand that it is important to test several creatives to see which ones are performing better. I usually test 3 different ad creatives per product. Moreover, creating many creatives is time-consuming. It's like trying to make the product work at all costs. Meanwhile, we could have tested more products…
    What's your thoughts about that ?

    Have a great day !

    Ps : Sorry if I made mistakes, I'm French

  9. Should I set up a cost cap (bid strategy) for CBO's?

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