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$11,000 a month profit AMAZON FBA PRODUCT

$11,000 a month profit AMAZON FBA PRODUCT

1 best selling amazon fba product that generates $11,000 a month profit

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40 thoughts on “$11,000 a month profit AMAZON FBA PRODUCT

  1. TAKING A POLL: What product research tools do you use?

  2. Do you teach to sell in Europe or Asia via FBA?

  3. Amazing video, Beau as always, thank you! Awesome chess table!:)

  4. (Intro) Sliding in the DM’s like…

  5. Interesting. I did buy into SMC (Speciality Merchandise Corporation) that ran infomercials selling gift items. They showed you how to sell wholesale to retailers, flee markets, selling on a website and they had their own catalogs and brochures you can buy to mail out to customers. They dropped shipped from their warehouse in, CA no cost to me. But I did the very expensive route which was mailing out their big catalogs during Christmas time which as very expensive. I created a web site, remember Bigstep.com? But couldn't connect to SMC inventory system, so I had to check and update my products manually. I did the Overture, pay-per-click, but I was on a limited income, matter fact, using credit card. I should have branched out and done direct selling to local retailers which I probably would have grown into something big. I also didn't continue with the web site listing submission, expensive, and I didn't get regular mailers of products out there with their smaller brochures they had. But I really want to get back into my entrepreneurial stance and not have to work for anyone ever again. This time, I will do what I have to do, investment, work, and learn and stay at it. I've done a few at home business during early to mid 90's but never stuck with them long enough, along with SMC.

  6. Beau I have a question do you think it is possible in the near future man that these wholesalers could just start selling to Amazon directly and cutting out the Amazon sellers? 🙁 I hope not! It just seems nuts that they are like here take our product and make money and we will still ship it to Amazon for you…Thoughts ?

  7. I think it is so wrong that You Tube outs a add on your page with someone trying to sell their knowledge about FBA Amazon. ha Like its so wrong. People could just click on his link and forget about the actual You Tube Video they were actually watching. Not me! Just saying!

  8. Thanks for the great video. It was worth listening.

  9. Hi Beau, great video, really informative, just a question please, how do you deal with making sure the product is safe and legal for your buyers to use and also how do you handle faulty units and warranty periods for faulty units. Thanks Dean

  10. Is there a significance to the "Amazon's Choice"? Also, should we compete against amazon.com if they are the only seller?

  11. Okay so do i need a business license and resale license to buy from my distributors? And not have any problems along the way.

  12. If I found a product with 1 seller, 120 sales estimated a month, and 6 dollar profit a sale that is a buy right?

  13. How do you find suppliers?

  14. Are u sick or did you lose your voice? 😮

  15. How do you negotiate with sellers to get free shipping or money off the unit price?

  16. Wouldn't this be a bad item to sell? I took a look at Keepa and saw that Amazon will win the Buy Box just about all the time. Also, Keepa shows that there are now FBM sellers winning the Buy Box when Amazon is not. Could you help me figure out what might have happened?

  17. What happens if you're supplier refuses to ship to Amazon wearhouse? I've read this exact question from a few new FBA sellers.

  18. Are you doing eBay & shopify too? Which one you prefer & why?

  19. love these vids beau, can you do some uk ones?

  20. I am interested in your way of working. Can I send you a private message for more details?

  21. Beau, interested in your thoughts on my post below, please respond!

  22. Good content, but you should rest your voice and then record your videos.

  23. How do you find your suppliers

  24. Great video! What resources you can recommend to find a good supplier?

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong but at 7:07 if you look at the Amazon Fulfillment cost you have to invest 45k to get 11k out of it ?

  26. "… I'm going to to teach you how to identify key suppliers…" oh really???

  27. How many items do you sell on Amazon?

  28. Beau does amazon charge me the “Selling on Amazon fees” & “Fulfillment on Amazon Fees” per product or is it just a one time charge for the all the products on my listing ?

  29. Ahhh i missed these videos! It's how i found you in the first place. Excellent video Beau. In regards to Jungle scout estimator, it seems like they fixed their video game category estimates. after their last update messed it up. What do you think?

  30. It would help if you showed us the sales on your Amazon account. The numbers definitely look good now but anyone on Amazon knows that this will fluctuate depending on other factors such as FBA sellers lowering the price and the amount of FBA sellers on the listing competing for the buy box. This could result in drastically reducing the amount of product you actually sale in a month and the profit amount. You could end up with what you thought might be 1 months supply of product at $15 profit to a year's supply of product and breaking even or even taking a loss.

  31. Great videos Beau fully appreciate u brother 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  32. Great video Beau absolutely love it!

  33. Excellent! Thanks for simplifying everything in every direction.

  34. Hi, Beau. Im new to the Amazon FBA. I recently started a product and I am little confused about how amazon charge FBA fee. My products falls into the Large, Standard Size and less than 1 lb. The fee shows on the amazon website is $3.19. But on my seller central product page. Amazon telling me the FBA fee is 5.11. Do you have any idea what is going on? Would really appreciate your help!

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