100% CUSTOM Instagram Stories Tutorial For Clothing Brands

100% CUSTOM Instagram Stories Tutorial For Clothing Brands

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About This Video:

In this video, Rob shows you how to create 100% custom Instagram stories for your clothing brand. Use these stories to separate your clothing brand’s Instagram account from all of the others. This will up your Instagram marketing game like crazy — and truly make your clothing brand stand out! Enjoy!


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11 Thoughts to “100% CUSTOM Instagram Stories Tutorial For Clothing Brands”

  1. Can u make one where you show us how u make ur giveaway post

  2. I don't stay in Canada but If I did I'd definitely buy ur stuff!

  3. Sometimes I dont think we and myself included understand the real value of what robs giving us. like this guys out here basically giving trade secrets away to help his. this is something he took his own time/trial and error to find out that separates his brand from the others, yet here he is putting it on youtube for everyone to see and copy, im not saying its bad im just trying to show how much he gives its really crazy. Could I get your input on paying for monthy/yearly subscription programs that are useful to brand owner? (shutterstock,Adobe programs??) Thanks for another kick ass video

  4. You slickster w the smoke effect

  5. Hi apperal succes i have a quistion my heatpress won t auto open and warm up and wil give a error fff dow you know a fix Greates Teun i will like a reply thanks is hij readit this far

  6. Thanks Rob. Really useful video. Thanks for the value, man.

  7. You did forget to mention something very important, the "swipe up" feature is only available if you have more than 10K followers.

  8. CMF

    super nice/informative video! do you just put this in your story or use it for ads too?
    also maybe you can do a video on opening up your first popup store? 😀

  9. Love the video thank you for sharing. Great content for sure. The iG marketing course is going to be awesome.

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