10 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses | Trade Show Planning Podcast #6

10 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses | Trade Show Planning Podcast #6

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In Episode #6 of the Tradeshow-Planning.com Podcast, we’ll share 10 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. Twitter marketing tips and tricks in this podcast include:

* To Be a Leader, Be a Follower
* Create Visually Interesting Tweets
* Find Twitter Marketing Partners and Nurture Them
* Like AND Retweet Twitter Posts
* Use Relevant # and @
* Pin a Tweet
* Tweet Regularly
* Post to Twitter Using Twitter
* Look at Twitter Engagement Stats
* Twitter Marketing Tips… and Trade Show Marketing!

A great guide to Twitter for beginners! Covers top Twitter marketing basics relevant for small businesses in 2019.

We’ll also discuss how the Tradeshow Basecamp™ online video course series can provide effective staff training for individual professionals or staff. Perfect for sales beginners who want to quickly learn face to face selling skills for a trade show or similar face to face sales event.

This podcast episode was based on this article: https://tradeshow-planning.com/twitter-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses-trade-show-marketing/

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