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10 Social Media Tips For Business 2019

10 Social Media Tips For Business 2019

Ready to ramp up your social media marketing strategy? We’ve got tonnes of social media tips for you! Don’t forget to download the Social Media Growth Guide, (including a whopping 30 social tools) here: https://grow.ac/socialgrowthguide

We’ve got LinkedIn tips, Instagram tips, video content ideas and more with our social media tips for business! Are you ready to smash your 2019 social media targets?

In this video, we’re going to go in-depth and take you through our 10 favourite social media tips and hacks that we use here at Growth Tribe to increase the reach and engagement of our social posts, but also to drive MQLs and deliver real value.

We’ve got the inside scoop on the Instagram algorithm, tips on social media scheduling, ideas on creating social currency and social proof, plus a selection of social media tools that will help you to create polished links and beyond.

Coming up with content ideas for social media can be pretty tricky, so we’ve thrown in some of the techniques that we use to create posts that encourage your followers to engage, react and share your content, strengthening your brand and creating a buzz. After all, isn’t that the main aim of your social media channels?

Whether you’re a start-up, a scale-up or revamping an established business’ social media strategy, you’ll definitely need these tips on social media for business next year, as social media algorithms are going to become even harsher for businesses looking to maximise the value of their organic social channels.


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  1. Do you have a social media management course?
    This video is fire….

  2. Sorry to bother you, if you've ever thought about getting your Instagram or Twitter account verified. Please send a dm to @ mr_poster07 on Instagram. Congratulations in advance. He verified my account @anglitu3

  3. Too fast speaking because your audiences are not only native English speakers.

    The speed speaking and strong accent makes non-native speakers hardly to understand it well.

  4. No worries @jet_hacket on insta is the perfect person for y'all on account recovery🙌

  5. No worries @jet_hacket on insta is the perfect person for y'all on account recovery🙌

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  7. AH

    Your background music is giving me anxiety

  8. Here's a tip – don't loop background music on a 20 MINUTE VIDEO!

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  10. Great timely content. Thank you…

  11. Any plans for a similar video for 2020? (or is it posted already?)

  12. Love…love…love the content. Thank you so much.

  13. Watching this video was like a workout.

  14. In other words, if you don't have a following already, you are screwed.

  15. omggg so much good information. will have to watch a few times over! thxxxxx!!!

  16. Super informative and useful. Thanks!

  17. The most Valuable video..❤️ loved it

  18. Thanks, great content, just too fast

  19. Hi Luke – thanks so much for the tips, so many great insights! What is the name of the tool, camber????

  20. Man, you're talking and editing so fast I had to slow the video down. Other than that, nice video!

  21. What was the video tool for text called? The one where he talks about the World Economic Forum.

  22. Fantastically insightful video. How would you go about driving early engagement on content?

  23. Great video, although the music is far too loud and fast-paced, it's making me feel on edge!!

  24. Background noise was very disturbing dude

  25. music become sick for that long

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    Hope it helps and happy reading!

  28. Good information, but omg you talk to fast! I had to rewind several times to keep up with some of the things you were saying.

  29. Amazing video! and so much value!!! Liked & subscribed!

  30. All thanks to lutherangrants/org i got a business grant of $54,000 credited to my bank account .

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