10 PRACTICAL Restaurant Instagram Tips

10 PRACTICAL Restaurant Instagram Tips

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Instagram is a free app that is perfect for restaurants since it is a visual platform. It has around 1 billion active users worldwide.

However, there are some challenges when it comes to using Instagram for restaurants:

Making time for content creation – it’s a content monster! It takes time to create content, and there’s never enough content. Every day, you need to produce new things to post since they get buried in the feed.

The organic reach continues to go down down down – it’s killing organic reach. Like Facebook, it’s turning into a “pay to play” platform.

Developing a STRATEGY that works – it’s a challenge generating an effective strategy that works. As the platforms shift, our approach needs to change as well.

In this episode, I will give you 10 practical tips on Instagram that you can implement and make some dough for your restaurant!

1. Batch content creation
2. Use a scheduling software

3. Use editing software to make your images stand out

4. Engage with those that engage with your page

5. Engage with those that use the # (hashtag) of your town

6. Send a DM (Direct Message) to connect with people

7. Utilize the Instagram Bio to include your information about your restaurant

8. Create captions that will compel people to comment – Ask questions!

9. Always put the name and ingredients of the dish on your caption

10. Recruit your team to help you do the Instagram task


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