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10+ Items I Sell On Amazon FBA – See How I Make Over $100 Profit From ONLY 1 Item

10+ Items I Sell On Amazon FBA – See How I Make Over $100 Profit From ONLY 1 Item

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So many people have been asking me to teach them how to make money selling items on Amazon. I would love to teach everybody, but the truth is that I don’t have that kind of time. If you want to know more about what I do and where I find certain items, then make sure you take my Amazon FBA Expert Training Course – https://gum.co/tzyr

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In case you missed some stuff in the video I want to go back over it for you. Below are some of the items that I buy and sell.

Cameras – I make a lot of money by selling used cameras. I buy these mostly from pawn shops and sell them for top dollar on Amazon. If you want to continually make $100 profit or more per sale, then cameras is a great place to start.

Shoes – I sell a lot of shoes on Amazon because they are easy to find, easy to prep and ship, and my minimum profit per sale is $15. That is a great return when you are spending around $20-$40 per item.

Clothing – When it comes to clothing you really need to find a specific type of clothing item that you want to buy and sell. I started with socks and underwear and then moved around from there. I recommend you start with socks and underwear as well, but make sure you always have polybags on hand.

Toys – The toy category is a huge market to be in, but it is not for people that can’t accept losing every once in a while. What I have noticed is that Amazon jumps in on a lot of these listings when the product is selling very quickly. What normally happens is Amazon kills any profit that you may have had, which means you either take a loss of wait them out.

Tools – I started selling tools early on in this business. The reason I like tools is because when you are dealing with a lot of the top name brand items you get very specific buyers. What I realized is that the people buying these products usually always know what they are getting and they hardly ever send the item back to you.

If you want to make the most money possible selling inventory on Amazon FBA, then you need to sell in multiple categories. So many people find that they are not making the kind of money that they want, but the reasons are on them. I know this business will get harder to get into, but right now it is so easy you shouldn’t wait any longer. Buy and sell as much stuff as you possibly can because that is how you grow in this business.

If you have any questions on the types of items that I buy and sell on Amazon FBA, then please let me know in the comment section below.

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22 thoughts on “10+ Items I Sell On Amazon FBA – See How I Make Over $100 Profit From ONLY 1 Item

  1. I have a question you are selling a branded item you purchased from a retail store. If amazon ask for invoice how do you provide that if all you have is recipts

  2. How can i check if i can sell that item or restricted?

  3. Great info u have a new sub

  4. Where are some common place you check other than alibaba for a better price??

  5. why are some people approved while others aren't for certain items?

  6. Sorry but i don't understand very well, about the expiration day of the products when they don't show up in the product, what type of response or document the suppliers provide in relation to this? thank you for this wonderful video

  7. I need help with Amazon fba I want to start so bad

  8. I feel like everything I try and sell on Amazon is restricted. CDs, DVD vcr combos, etc. I don't understand how people can sell all these things on Amazon when I try and sell them it says I am restricted.

  9. How do you get around selling name brand items?

  10. where do you find the rankings ?

  11. Thanks for keeping it simple and honest.

  12. what fee does amazon charge you for selling

  13. Thanks bro very good information

  14. Hi Adam, do you have your imported products inspected and prep'd before they are shipped to the US?

  15. Expired doesn't mean you can't turn it on e-bay.

  16. Not struggling with my FBA products but their fees are so high I've drifted back to e-bay. Far less fees and works well to quickly move inventory.

  17. Your mind is amazing, so nice to find or hear and see someone sharing so many secrets and knowledge that took you So much time to learn!

  18. hey i like your videos, but i was wondering how long does it take to get paid as a seller. im a new seller would that have to do anything?

  19. Hi Adam, what do you think is the best seller app? I use the Amazon Seller app and I don't like it because I have to hold my iPhone on one hand and my scanner in the other. I hear that ProfitBandit will vibrate your phone when you scan a profitable item without you having to even pull out your phone. Do you recommend it? Also, what is the difference between the tiny rectangular scanners and the bulkier ones with handlebars, besides the huge price difference?

  20. how the fuck do i get approved up in this bitch son

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