1 Million Followers, Gym Warmups and Instagram Growth Tips

1 Million Followers, Gym Warmups and Instagram Growth Tips

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Quick New Years Vid talking about hitting a one million followers on instagram on January 1st, 2019. Things you can do to optimize your warmups and prevent injuries for the new year and tips you can use to grow your own instagram page!

Massage Guns

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3 Thoughts to “1 Million Followers, Gym Warmups and Instagram Growth Tips”

  1. Stretch every morning for least 5 minutes, volunteer more & eat more donuts! 🍩🍩 2k19!

  2. Hey, Joe! I love your stuff as I have constant mid-trap and upper back pain/tightness. I used one of your methods of releasing the upper back with a lacrosse ball and it works well!

    It is pretty cool that you are also sharing your method of growing your page. I have consistently tried to grow my page more than the past year, but have been stuck at around 900 people for more than half a year. I am flattered that people have told me that I am extremely helpful and my page is underrated since they see my follower count. Although I do not necessarily care about the follower count, it seems to be an factor most people take in to see if he/she is an authority that someone could trust. I try to teach people how to lose weight through macro counting and how anyone can customize their raining programs. I currently do it for FREE because I just want to sharpen my skills as an online coach. I have done all the tips you gave out, but I feel like I definitely can provide massive value to a lot more people. Could you see what I am doing incorrectly and what I could improve on? I love any help I can get. Thank you in advance!

    Here’s my Instagram:

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