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11 Thoughts to “$1 Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit|Name Brand Dollar Tree Finds| 2019”

  1. The charcoal kit is bomb! It leaves such a clean feeling in your mouth. The toothpaste is black in the tube but transparent when you brush, the powder(the jar I showed) is BLACK when its in your mouth. I would recommend using the powder 1st then brushing. The powder leaves traces of black along your gums. Brushing removes this. I like the kit…so far. 😊

  2. That charcoal tooth powder is amazing I brought it yesterday. I need to find the brush and the toothpaste.

  3. Girllll finna run to my dollar tree!

  4. Girl, you got a GREAT score! I'm all about charcoal for my chompers, LOL. Norm go to my local health food store where they charge a bucket & a 1/2!!! Thank you for the heads up, I don't know why I always forget about $1 tree, smh – there are like three right by my house! Ugh! Ps: the kiddo was doing her thing, lol! 😀

  5. Your local Dollar Tree is awesome 👏🏽

  6. Oh baby girl is showing off her stuff too. Just like Mommy (sorry, assuming she's yours.) She's so cute.

  7. I haven't found the charcoal toothbrush yet, but your toothpaste looks different from the others I've seen. Haven't seen the powder, good finds!! I like trying oils, wonder how the coconut oil is. Your DT was lit🔥

  8. Girl!!! On my way to dollar tree☺️thanks beautiful!!!

  9. YES! I've been hunting for the charcoal products ♡

  10. Awesome Haul Thanks for Sharing and your baby has gotten so good💜

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