$0 to $70k a Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Scaling Facebook Ads

$0 to $70k a Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Scaling Facebook Ads

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Here’s how I scaled my Facebook Ads for a Shopify Dropshipping store from $0 to $70,000 per day in sales, and how you can too! Beginner friendly but great if you are experienced and want to scale… Instagram: @BOWLES

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$0 to $70k a Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Scaling Facebook Ads

Today I take you step by step through some high level Facebook Ad scaling strategies that you can use to scale a brand new Shopify Dropshipping store from 0 to over $70,000 a day in just 2 weeks!

We focus on 2 specific scaling methods in this video, and I break down the rules for scaling directly VS via duplicates and how they can go hand in hand. So if you are looking for a Facebook Ad scaling tutorial that will work for beginners or experts, then this is for you.

I have spent millions of dollars on Facebook Ads and produced well over $10Million in sales. So you can be sure these strategies are proven and have real success stories behind them!

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*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables in your success.


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25 Thoughts to “$0 to $70k a Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Scaling Facebook Ads”

  1. Where do you see if they active or learning. Are you talking bout the delivery, as they always active, so where do you find the active/learning thing.

  2. I've lost thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and I've come to believe that they don't work. Lost so much of my savings… Very depressed…😔

  3. Will the course cover what an advertiser needs for fab “buissness verification”

  4. Hi Mr. Hayden, 11:32 please what change do you mean i should do when the ads are being unoptimized? Thanks

  5. Doesn’t duplicating cause audience overlap which means your ads will be bidding against each other?

  6. Hey Hayden ,great content brother, I am enrolled in your other ecomm academy where you talk a lot about facebook ads prior to them making it cbo's only. Would you still recommend to start out with ads sets if you are able to or go straight into cbo's?

  7. I wish I was in the position to buy your course, struggling right now so bad i might become homeless. On top of that I’m pregnant and have a 1 year old son. Luckily I’m a vet so there’s programs for my family to prevent homelessness, and programs to help feed my baby. I know I’ll get out of this situation, but I really wish I knew how to do all this already so I can provide without stress and worry for my babies. I’m 22 years old feeling like 40. This is definitely the lowest point in my life ever. Please pray for me

  8. Hey Hayden, I’ve just got off a call with FB discussing my ads. I ran my first lot of 6 x single interest ABO ($15 per day for each ad set) for 3 days optimising for conversions with 0 sales. However on my call, FB advised optimising for traffic and reach for 10 days @ $15 per day for 2 seperate reach and traffic campaigns. What are your thoughts on this for a new store? Agree, disagree?

  9. Hi there! I do appreciate your content. Would you recommend a 1 product store or a niche store? Thanks!

  10. Hey bowles i have purchased your course but i am not getting in the Facebook group WHICH you gave the link of. Please help. I have the link and your course.

  11. I got your Ad Academy Sunday night, but I’m still having problems. Your support team gave me my login, but I still need the link to where I can access the course. Do you mind providing the link for the login please, thanks Hayden

  12. What metrics do you follow that help you decide to start running look a like audiences and is it better to run LLA for scaling

  13. Hayden thank you so much for the inspiration, I am currently enrolled in the 30 day academy and so far it seems to be great. I am an aspiring entrepeneur after I realized that college is just something that I dont want to spend 4 years doing even though I was on pace to be a business major at a top 30 school. Do you do private calls or consulting for questions that are specific to my store?

  14. why does he duplicate whole cbo’s instead of duplicating all the ad sets?

  15. do you change the pixel every time you test a different product if its on the same niche?

  16. Great video Hayden, I viewed your sales page and I am very excited to start mastering Facebook ads!

  17. Hey bro i have a quick question in my country the only current payment provider is pay pal ive looked all over for other additional options but couldn't find and do u think that i should still be droppshipping with this setback?

  18. Thanks for video! QUESTIONS: New store, new pixel, only about $1000-$1500 to use for ads to make it work.
    ————Do you start with ABOs or CBO right out the gate? ————What is the minimum you would spend per Adset and minimum # of adsets you would create to test a product? Or minimum CBO budget and how many adsets?—————-How many ad creatives minimum/maximum would you test in each adset at that minimum budget?
    Hope to hear a reply. Thanks Man!!

  19. I really wonder that you're such a facebook ads guru, why don't you try Google ads and teach your subscribers how to scale with Google Ads….

  20. Q: I’ve been having a problem with facebook in which I keep getting my account banned(not ad account rather my entire account) I keep creating new ones on different devices, IPs, clearing cookies and the suchand every time as I finish making my ad I get hit with it. Prob happened20 times with 6 of those being in the past week. Ideas/solutions ? ( sorry for making It so long)

  21. I love your content.. i will buy the course for sure ..

    But question what about if i have a total of 3000 pounds and i cant scale it like u do .. can i still be profitable doing 100 a day on cbo ?

  22. Just bought it mate. There’s something different in you than other gurus. I hope you don’t disappoint me 🤙🏽

  23. Do You Use More LLA’s or Interest based CBO’s?

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