0 To 6 FIGURES At 23 | How Dropshipping CHANGED My Life (Shopify Success Story)

0 To 6 FIGURES At 23 | How Dropshipping CHANGED My Life (Shopify Success Story)

0 To 6 FIGURES At 23 | How Dropshipping CHANGED My Life (Shopify Success Story) 🤑
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This video will tell you about my whole Shopify journey from 0 to 6 figures. I go over why and how I started Shopify dropshipping. I hope this video will give everyone an insight into the things you need to do when doing Shopify dropshipping. There is a consultation call giveaway chosen at random for someone who has liked, subscribed and comments down below! This is a great shopify tutorial for beginners. Watch till the end to get ahead of the competition!


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  1. Nice vid G.. P.S I am the better looking brother 🤑

  2. Very motivational video. Thanks, Man

  3. Nice job brother keep it up
    I’ve started a while ago I didn’t have job at that time and saved $500 I’ve spent all of them on dropshipping but didn’t made any money lost all of them which resulted me quitting by screwing all my saving and currently got a job about $400 weekly now how can I start something off of that? So I can quit the job and focus on school ? Thanks brother appreciate your hard work

  4. Dope vid bro 🔥 can you upload a vid showing us how you do retargeting your way.
    #Wiz fam

  5. Wao man.. Congrats .. Love from Pakistan

  6. #wizfam value bombs 😄 humble beginnings! I see a oberlo video coming soon 🤑

  7. Wizfam is theeee best fam

  8. Wiz fam is the best fam! Love your content bro !

  9. so when are we gonna race <3 hahah

  10. Wizfam is the best fam…thanks as always for great content

  11. Wiz fan is the best fammmm. Broo I didn't actually know you and BEASTOFECOM / Harry were related. That's sick man

  12. Wizfam is the best Fam🔥Great Motivational really what i need at this moment of time! thanks

  13. Brooo I need that call 😭🙏🏾

  14. I'm struggling to meet like-minded people on the e-commerce space, currently I got a store generating 500-1k day rev and scaling, I'm from Florida and would love to meet people that I can share information with about the industry. If there's anyone interested shoot me a DM @moneyuel

  15. just goes to show that if you put in work you'll get results 💪🏼 wizfam best fam 🔥💯

  16. Wis fam is the best fam ✌️😎

  17. Being broke is LITERALLY the greatest motivation for a student.

  18. Wiz fam is the best fam i extremely need the call i am struggling with drop-shipping been doing this for 7 months made sales here and there but cant get consistent sales

  19. wizard gang, wizard gang, wizardgang pull up into wizzfam! cuz it is the best fam! 😛

  20. Wow! Didn't knw that Harry is your brother😄👍 that's awesome! Wizfam is the best fam❤

  21. Wiz fam is the best fam because u re such motivation for me 🔥🔥🔥 from your 100 subscriber to lifetime I always follow you .. thank you man !!!!

  22. You weren't kidding when you said he's your brother. Haha, I thought you meant this is the homie brother, not blood brother haha. This is dope af. You guys are definitely inspiring and because of you guys, I'm going to be doing this full time too soon.

  23. Wizfam is the best fam!🔥🔥

  24. Wizfam is the best fam🔥🔥🔥Always the best

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