💰5 Steps I’m Using To Make Money Online Right Now📚 ‪tailopez.com/moneyonline‬

💰5 Steps I'm Using To Make Money Online Right Now📚 ‪tailopez.com/moneyonline‬

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49 Thoughts to “💰5 Steps I’m Using To Make Money Online Right Now📚 ‪tailopez.com/moneyonline‬”

  1. Who Are You? Fantastic, thank you 💚

  2. I do know some helpful information for you guys. By utilizing 4NetJobs. Com , I was able to start a new business. My friend gained big money due to the plan and made a decision to share it to me. Actually, I find it very beneficial. If you are still unaware about this, then you have to know the important info now..?

  3. 3:01:39 ? wow beats a college degree lol

  4. From we have to get the item to sell

  5. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing so much valuable information in one video.

  6. I know you're going to label me as a cynic but I have to expand a little on the Jeff Bezos thing. It's true he quit his job at 30 to start Amazon, but (quoting from Inc.) "Amazon's founder and CEO walked away from a highly lucrative job on Wall Street after reading a report about the rapid growth of the internet." Note the highly lucrative part of that. I dare say that the vast majority of people watching this are not the Jeff Bezos's who are currently working for Morgan Stanley as a quant / options trader thinking about selling mugs on the internet. That said, what you're saying is true. I'd prefer if you didn't use the Bezos analogy so much because it's way off topic.

  7. Ninjutsu is the best martial arts, for protection or as an all-round way-of-life-philosophy… end of story [subduing or killing an attacker]… stick with the stuff you know…

  8. i hear you bro… just wish i had a start up money to implement ……

  9. Is anyone going to speak on how this man spelled Delaware incorrectly?

  10. You gave me one heck of an idea! But I wonder If it will work?

  11. Hi Tai, why don't you give me access to the course for free as a test and I will testify about the product for you.

  12. Oh. I cant afford to start this but i can start the four pay come fri if at all possible with you folks. i do like what ive heard on this you tube event.

  13. Amazing how you didn't know the number, you looked at your phone, and it was the EXACT amount of your mom's annual salary. Even more amazing? You didn't flinch. What are the odds? Zero.

  14. Ace

    Some good basic info but also some completely wrong. No, Stripe was not started by twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Dorsey, started Stripe competitor Square. Stripe was started by brothers Patrick and John Collison.

    Also, most people such as myself, are not paying $400.00 for an electric toothbrush. I did my research and looked at the top sellers on Amazon and what dentist and orthodontist recommended. I've bought 3 of the best models over the past few years. Each of them were under $200.00.

  15. My uncles ex wife's parents purchased all of Charles Manson's paintings by the way. They did it so nobody else could buy them. They ended up destroying them. Thanks for bringing that up. LOL

  16. You know damn well LeBron James has watched your videos 😛

  17. Gems 💎Thank you and happy new year Tai

  18. That’s cool, but who supplies me?

  19. I'm just seeing this video unaware if this course is still in motion…. I could really use the mentoring. I am very determined to becoming financially independent. Seeking the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of all aspects of beginning with debt. If I an get a response from Tai Lopez himself within his own convenience I will patiently wait to discuss any opportunities.

  20. What about if you have no money?

  21. For some reason, I don’t like him and I don’t trust this guy

  22. Omg he talks so much with not much value

  23. Years ago I bought a course that showed about selling things online, it was totally wrong, and they did not show me how to actually do it. Being new, I had no clue and was lost. Then I had a lot people telling me ".coms are dead" I gave up, now I wish I had the knowledge back then I have now. These things are possible, just be prepared to spend a lot of money on advertising. Organics no longer work well, and there are so many people that are in competition due to these online courses. Not saying you cannot do it, just be prepared to spend a lot of money on advertising.

  24. The easy part is creating a website and domain. The hardest part is driving traffic to a website. IDK how to do that shit.

  25. Yea, that went through my mind too; get off of the phone.

  26. ZZZ

    learned so much from you. your knowledge is priceless.

  27. Learnt a lot from these. Really Cool.

  28. So how are you able to buy these products and sell them on your website if they are already out?…do u have to team up with the product owner etc??….

  29. "Your not going to hurt anyone with a ninja throwing star" ROTFL 😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣

  30. Tai is correct. I am very cynical. But I get a serious vibe of legitimacy from Tai. You can just "feel" that he is on the level.

  31. sorry it s a bit too long

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